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Catalyst Internet Mail ActiveX & .NET 6.0.6010.1058

Catalyst Internet Mail ActiveX control enables developers to easily integrate email functionality with their applications. Management carried out the standard protocols for sending, receiving and creating an online e-mail messages, and can be used in a wide variety of programming languages ​​that support components ActiveX. Designed specifically for rapid application development, it is the only component that provides a flexible, comprehensive interface without requiring that the developer used several offices and introduced additional code to integrate them. A simpler, unified interface means fewer lines of source code, less complexity and lower maintenance costs, allowing developers to focus on their core application. Advanced features such as multiple authentication methods and delivery notification, are also part of the standard set of controls. Complex messages, such as those that contain both plain and styled text and multiple file attachments, can be easily created and processed in just a few lines of code. Management also supports encrypted message delivery and search using the SSL / TLS protocol for developers who require special security. Catalyst Internet Mail control was developed using the core technology in the family SocketTools products, and is based on the basis of a solid, worthy of awards, software, which corresponds to the standard protocol; This program has been tested by the market, with 1995 product includes sample programs, Developer's Guide and Technical Manual, as well as the help file. As with all components of the Catalyst, Internet Mail control is available for free, without any deadline for the product key, and things like that.