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CnPack IDE Wizards v1.0.1.665

CnPack Team is made up of Chinese Programmers and Delphi / C++ Builder fans across the Internet. Our products include CnWizards, CnVCL, CVSTracNT and etc.

CnPack IDE Wizards (CnWizards) is a Free Plug-in Tool Set for Delphi/C++ Builder to Improve Development Efficiency.

CnPack Component Package(CnVcl) includes non-visual, UI, Net Comm and Multi-Language Components in Delphi / C++ Builder. (Under development).

CVSTracNT, CVSTrac for Windows, was migrated and is maintained by the CnPack Team. It is a A Web-Based Bug And Patch-Set Tracking System for CVS under Windows. The original version was developed by D. Richard Hipp.

Supports the following languages:**
Simplified Chinese (China)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
English (U.S.)
Russian (Russia)
German (Germany)

Supports the following versions:**
Delphi 5
Delphi 6
Delphi 7
BDS 2005
BDS 2006
RAD Studio 2007
RAD Studio 2009
RAD Studio 2010
RAD Studio XE
RAD Studio XE2
RAD Studio XE4
RAD Studio XE5
C + + Builder 5
C + + Builder 6