Code On Time Unlimited

Code On Time web application generator will create advanced web apps straight from your database. These web applications are rich with features, such as adaptive filtering, search bars, reporting, charts, and data sheet view. All you need is a database, and you can impress your customers and peers in a few short minutes. Your enterprise-class web app will be ready for immediate deployment to your own server, shared, or dedicated hosting provider. You can even deploy directly to the cloud. 

Building web applications is a difficult ordeal - you will need to build everything from scratch, including a business logic layer, data access layer, and more. And this is just for a basic application. Add a sophisticated user interface to that, and advanced features such as reporting and charting. Once you get past all the bugs and integration issues that may arise, months may have passed. And if project requirements change, you might have to change everything.

Let Code On Time web application generator take the burden - it will generate a highly functional web application that will suit most, if not all, of your needs. Take the baseline application and deploy it immediately, or add the things you want to perfect your application even further. Use the Project Designer or Designer Spreadsheet to quickly add modifications. For further changes, use Visual Studio. 

Modern tablets feature high resolution screens. iPad Air with portrait orientation in shown in the screen shot below with the display of the same product list. List items are wider and a fixed context sidebar is automatically visible on the right-hand side of the screen. 

This screen shot shows the product list in iPad Air with landscape orientation. The context sidebar has been undocked to offer three columns of list items. 

Don’t forget that apps created with Unlimited edition also support Desktop client devices. See the desktop version of the demo at 

Application framework automatically detects the type of client device and hooks either mobile or desktop client library to rendered application pages ensuring the most friendly presentation.

Release includes the following features and enhancements that cover mobile and desktop functionality:

Mobile client enables applications with a sophisticated responsive design.

Mobile client supports advanced formatting and presentation of lists and forms. Tutorials explaining data field tags used for list formatting are coming out this week.

Mobile client supports multi-field copy and performs processing of context fields.

Mobile client supports dedicated login pages. We recommend generated a brand new app with a dedicated login page and copying the “mobile” contents of the Login.ascx markup to your existing dedicated page. The tutorial covering dedicated login will be out this week.

Mobile client supports confirmation controllers. Try it out here.

Mobile client works correctly with default values assigned with RowBuilder methods and SQL and Code business rules.

Mobile client supports native input for date, date-time, numbers, URLs, email, and phone.

Mobile client scopes page-specific user settings by application and user name.

Switch "_mobile=true" and "_mobile=false" in the URL will refresh the page after switching mobile/desktop client on desktop devices instead of redirecting to the application home page.

App generator puts project name in the page header if a header is not provided.

App generator records project name and type in the root element of DataAquarium.Project.xml.

Desktop client will correctly display line breaks in fields with Text Mode = "Notes" when rendered in modern browsers.

Idle user detection configuration will affect the forms authentication timeout in web.config of a generated app by making it five minutes longer than the idle user timeout.

Unauthorized exception raised when user looses identity due to timeout is enhanced with recommendation to enable idle user detection. The exception will remain in place to prevent unauthorized requests to data controllers.

Idle status of a user is now checked every minute instead of every 3 minutes.

Desktop client will not fail when a modal form is closing and control is passed to a grid view with "asc" or "desc" in multi-field sort expressions.

We expect that the release at the end of February 2014 will include mobile support for most of the following features:

Blob upload/download
Calculated fields
Conditional visibility of categories and fields
Conditional read-only fields
Filtering capabilities
Mobile advanced search bar
“Check Box List” lookup style for many-to-many fields with “basket” functionality
Dedicated presentation for Auto Complete, Check Box lookup styles.
Multiple selection of list items
Tabular display of list items