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ComponentOne Doc To Help 2014 v1 Build 935

Write (or import) content in Microsoft Word®, HTML, or Doc-To-Help’s editor and then publish professional quality outputs for desktop, Web, mobile, SharePoint, and print use. That’s the power of Doc-To-Help. Just focus on the content; Doc-To-Help produces impressive deliverables for software Help, user manuals, policies, training, and more. Download ComponentOne Doc To Help 2014 v1 Build 935

Need to produce print and online versions? Need to turn your Word doucments into web content? Need a mobile version? Need to take it further tailor content for different audiences? Doc-To-Help helps you save time and ensures quality by publishing desktop, print, web, and mobile outputs from a single project. Each one looks as if you spent months designing it! Doc-To-Help can maintain multiple versions as well.

When creating new content you won't have to worry about learning a new editor. Write in Microsoft Word or Doc-To-Help's WYSIWYG editor. Doc-To-Help's editor has a very easy, office-like editor and everybody knows how to use Word. You can also use your favorite HTML editor.

Who doesn't have Word documents with instructions that others can use? Have you already written documentation in other tools? Unlock that information by letting Doc-To-Help turn them into web or mobile-based outputs that people can easily search and navigate. Doc-To-Help also imports HTML Help, WinHelp, and projects created in Adobe RoboHelp.

Impressive, easy-to-read content will lead to a happier, more successful audience. Doc-To-Help gives you the tools to create quality materials without knowledge of design or development. Here are just some of the things that are a button click away:

*   Graphics and videos
*   Collapsing sections
*   Pop-up, expanding, and drop-down text
*   Theme editor<td>

*   Image maps
*   Breadcrumbs for navigation
*   Custom buttons</td></td></tr></tbody></table></article>