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ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch 2014 v2

The Industry Standard Toolset for LightSwitch HTML and Desktop Clients

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch is designed to help business users and developers rapidly develop data-based applications with minimal code. ComponentOne Studio for LightSwitch Complete takes this concept to the next level by providing two sets of extensions, one for the HTML Mobile Client and another for the Silverlight Desktop Client, that snap right into your application and instantly extend their functionality.

Why use LightSwitch Extensions?

Revolutionary Extensions for the HTML Client

Built with the popular Wijmo library of jQuery widgets, Studio for LightSwitch HTML is extensive collection of JavaScript plug-ins that give you an easily customizable set of data controls. Not only do you get plug-and-play charts, grids, gauges, calendars, and more, but will also find useful screen templates. This is the only tool set of its kind available for the LightSwitch HTML client.

Powerful Extensions for the Desktop Client

Studio for LightSwitch Desktop was the first available set of extensions for LightSwitch and is recognized as the industry standard LightSwitch tool set for the Silverlight Desktop client. This Studio includes FlexGrid, Charts, OLAP, Scheduler, RichTextBox, PDFViewer, and associated screen templates. All you need to do is add them to your project, connect data, and deploy.

Accelerate Business Application Development

Our LightSwitch tools are designed to do the work for you. In many cases, you only need to add them to your project, apply them to a data source (or individual properties) and go. When you need to code, it is minimal and our thorough documentation will guide you.

Screen Templates Make Everything Easy

Studio for LightSwitch installs screen templates for both the HTML and Desktop clients that help you develop applications even faster. Each template has the appropriate tools preconfigured and all you need is a data source.