CoolWatermark .Net SDK 2.0+Cracke

CoolWatermark is a cool and strong assembly to write watermark text or overlapped photo on image. It is designed for .NET; you can easily use it in .NET window application or ASP.NET application. CoolWatermark can read all .NET supported Image types (Bmp, Emf, Exif, GIF, Jpeg, TIF, Wmf, Icon, etc.) and write watermark text and overlapped picture to the encapsualted image. All methods return System.Drawing.Image object so that you can operate on it easily in your application.

The assembly offers a solid set of image processing methods, including

output watermark with shadow
text rendering with various effect (block, reflect, title shadow, halo, etc.)
text rendering with various shapes (arch, bugle, rip, squeeze, shear, swell, zoom, dither, rainbow, etc.)
output hollow watermark text
output watermark with border
transparent watermark
draw overlapped image
customized watermark text warp