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DITidy 5.5.0 D4 XE6 with Source

DITidy is an embedded HTML parser and pretty printer for Delphi (Embarcadero / CodeGear / Borland). It is build on the libtidy library but requires no DLLs or other external files whatsoever. All code is compiled right into the application's executable. 

Here is a list of DITidy Features:**

HTML, XHTML and XML parser.
Parses from file, memory, and via customizable interfaces.
Reads Documents in Latin1, UTF-8, Windows, and other encodings.
Reports a wide range of HTML and XHTML problems during parsing.
Easy to use API to iterate and examine document nodes and attributes.
Generates cleaned-up and well formatted HTML and XHTML with customizable layout styles.
Reads and writes configuration files compatible with HTML Tidy.
Built-in English language descriptions of library options.
Completely self-contained in a smart-linking, single file source code unit.