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Delphi Open XML library for processing .docx, .pptx and .xlsx documents D7~XE7

Delphi Open XML library for processing .docx, .pptx and .xlsx documents.
create or modify Word Document .docx files
create or modify PowerPoint Presentation .pptx files
create or modify Excel Workbook .xlsx files
Microsoft Office installation is not required
uses Microsoft Open XML SDK 2.5
requires Microsoft .NET 4.0 or higher
available for Delphi 7 - XE7
royalty free distribution in applications


Direct Office is COM wrapper for .NET Open XML objects.

To create COM wrapper object only (i.e. without corresponding .NET object), call CoClass Create method:

TextWrapper := CoWordprocessing_Text.Create;

To create .NET object call .NET constructor (constructors are mapped to New methods) on wrapper:

TextWrapper.New_7('Hello, world!');

Wrapper object and .NET object creation can be combined:

TextWrapper := CoWordprocessing_Text.Create.New_7('Hello, world!');

Overloading is not supported in COM. Overloaded methods use numbered suffix: New_7
Enumeration values are mapped to constants, prefixed with class name: FileFormatVersions_Office2013
Constructors are mapped to New methods.
Generic types are mapped to OleVariant or IEnumerable types.
Static methods are mapped to regular methods callable on wrapper.
Property Implementation_ retrieves wrapped .NET object.
Wrapper New method with Implementation_ parameter provides possibility to set retrieved .NET object to the wrapper.

Open XML documentation for further information regarding Open XML objects: