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Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server 3.8.180

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an IDE for SQL Server development, data reporting and analysis, and basic administration. This tool will help SQL developers to speed up routine tasks and enables complex database changes.

This SQL server development tool allows you to:**

Boost SQL coding in a convenient scripting environment
Design tables and rebuild them without losing data
Compare databases, synchronize schemas and data
Tackle object dependencies when modifying database with complex structure
Automate deployment of a database to the production server
Create reports on data and automate data report delivery
Manage security in databases quickly

SQL Coding Assistance**

Writing SQL code takes lot of time while you can be more productive with the help of:

Code completion — to create whole SQL statement in a few keystrokes.
SQL formatting — to follow common coding style (standard).
SQL snippets — to save time storing and reusing repeated code fragments.
Quick object information — to show hints with info on database objects.
Code navigation — quick jump by F12 to variable declaration, object editor, etc. 

Table Designer**

Table is a key object in any database and is the most difficult one to configure. The elaborated Table Designer allows to:

Quickly set table properties in the visual editors.
Edit a script that creates the table.
Rebuild tables when complex changes are introduced.
Preview changes before modification of a database object.

Database Diagram**

An incomparable SQL server development tool for when you need to get familiar with database structure quickly. Drag & drop the database on the diagram and get its basic objects and their connections neatly displayed. Database Diagram feature provides:

Easy manipulation and scaling.
Containers for grouping objects.
Printing large diagrams.
Virtual connections.

Schema Compare**

Give the Schema Compare a try, and you will use this tool for any major changes in the database structure. Our tool will help you to:

Synchronize database schemas with complex object dependencies.
Detect development errors early.
Create schema snapshots to capture database structure.
Detect drift on production databases.
Create deployment scripts targeting different SQL Server editions.