Divelements SandRibbon Office 2007 User Interface v2.0.0 for Silverlight

Introducing the world's first Silverlight ribbon control. A picture says a thousand words: SandRibbon is a full-featured implementation of the Office Ribbon user interface for Silverlight web applications.

It is currently the only Silverlight Ribbon control suite on the market, developed in part to encourage adoption of the Silverlight platform for business applications. The Office 2007 user interface is an intuitive, compelling replacement for traditional menus and toolbars, and our product exposes virtually all UI features in a straightforward API. We fully comply with the guidelines published by Microsoft for implementors of this system, which makes our customers' jobs easier and brings peace of mind. Configuring and using the wealth of features packed into this suite is easy using XAML.

Our powerful popup system enables menus and galleries.

We wrote a custom popup system from scratch to power many of the features in SandRibbon. Ribbon minimization conserves screen space by moving ribbon tabs into popups. The application popup contains commands applicable to the whole application, and an optional display area where controls such as a recently-used documents list can be placed. Galleries provide a scrollable viewport on to lists of buttons that can display images designed to show the effects of commands. We provide both popup, resizable galleries and in-ribbon galleries. Live Preview is implemented for those applications that wish to dynamically preview commands to the user as they hover over them.

One of the most compelling features in a ribbon layout is automatic resizing. SandRibbon fully supports all levels of automatic resizing, with buttons, galleries, groups and other layout panels altering their dimensions and internal layout dynamically (or even collapsing to popup form) in order to rearrange controls to best suit available screen space. Configuring this feature is straightforward and is a matter of setting a few properties and using the right layout containers.

Also included in SandRibbon are a selection of peripheral controls which are commonly seen on a ribbon. The ColorPicker control allows selection of a preconfigured list of colors and their graduations. The RibbonComboBox control extends the platform ComboBox control with a ribbon theme that makes it fit in with galleries. The ToolBar control can be used anywhere in your application in a standalone capacity, as well as slotting into the Ribbon itself to provide quick access to common commands. ScreenTips allow enhanced tooltip behaviour with the option of basic text, description and image for any control.

Dynamic resizing ensures that whatever the screen space, commands are presented in the best possible manner.

All the commonly-used functionality of the Office 2007 UI is made available for you to use with this product, and most of the less common functionality too. Customers who have used SandRibbon for WPF will find the API familiar. The visual constructs used are compatible with all other Silverlight controls, both built-in and third-party.

SandRibbon is a robust, production-ready toolkit that fully supports high DPI on any Silverlight environment. Your users can be assured of accessibility with generous keyboard directional navigation included in popups. Full right-to-left support means you can deploy your application into any locale in the world and be assured your users will get the best experience possible.

SandRibbon Features in Depth:  

SandRibbon supports most of the presentation capabilities of the Office 2007 ribbon user interface. It presents these features in a developer-friendly package which means these advanced capabilities can be integrated into your application in minutes. If you cannot see a feature explained here, please try the evaluation version or contact us to ask us about it.

All features summarised here are explained in greater detail further down the page.

Feature Summary