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Divelements SandShell Outlook User Interface v1.0.0 for Silverlight

SandShell is a set of controls that make it easy to create attractive navigation-based user interfaces like Microsoft Outlook. They help you organise your application's user interface into hierarchical sections visually distinct from one another, to effectively simplify every task the user must undertake. We include a WunderBar control which exposes a list of all areas of application functionality along with other navigation section and expander controls. The API for this product is very easy to learn and the markup used to create even the most involved applications is simple.

This product includes powerful alert components that make full use of Silverlight templating and databinding technologies to make the creation of alerts easy. Alerts can be any size and shape and can host anything from simple text to fully-interactive complex controls. Firing off an alert is as easy as one line of code, and our queue manager intelligently presents alerts one by one including animation transitions.

We include an Office 2007 theme with the product and ship alternative colour schemes with the demonstration application that match our other Silverlight products, making it easy to give your whole application a consistent look and feel. Additionally, the source code for our own themes can be examined and changed to give the library a unique appearance if desired.

SandShell Features in Depth:

SandShell supports most of the presentation capabilities of the Office 2007 Outlook user interface. It presents these features in a developer-friendly package which means these advanced capabilities can be integrated into your application in minutes. If you cannot see a feature explained here, please try the evaluation version or contact us to ask us about it.

All features summarised here are explained in greater detail further down the page.

Feature Summary