DotNet HTML Editor Control-

HTML based Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor Control for .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.5.1 Windows Applications. Supports Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013. Enhanced Design Time GUI and advanced customization features that all developers would expect from a commercial .NET Component.

Main features include...
Basic enough for even the most novice of users.
Fully customizable context menu.(with source code)
Fully customizable Dialogs (with source code)
Very easy to customize the toolbar items. (.net html editor control)
This .NET winform HTML editor control got a built in Spell Checker along with en-US dictionary. So, you do not need to setup dictionary files in order to jump start. Although you have option to set dictionary file of your choice.
Inline Spell Checker was a long requested feature which is available in version 5.x
3 editor modes, WYSIWYG design mode, Raw Html source mode and Read Only Preview mode.
Special API is built in just to embed local images for Email Client. This editor will give you .NET Mail Message object where all the local images are embedded, you can simply decorate with more stuffs on this object before you send the message thru SMTP.
GUI CSS Builder available both from design mode and run-time.
External CSS File can be used just by setting a property.
Many useful class properties, methods and events to make your way of customization easier. - (html editor winforms control)
Supports Relative URLs including but not limited to Image src, Hyperlinks etc.
Supports both BodyHTML mode and DocumentHTML mode. The html retrieved from the editor is always XHTML. Moreover these properties are optimized for Data Binding.
Generates clean tags for font elements; (text here.. (not text here.)
GUI Dialog for Table Insert/Update and table cells.
HTMLChanged event, fires as soon as the HTML is changed, similar to TextChanged property of a Text-box Control.
Paste from MS Word was never easier. This control can efficiently paste the content from clipboard which was copied from MS Word. The content is further optimized for neat looking HTML, no MS Word junk stuffs are pasted where the MS Word look and feel is maintained.
Pasting event fires just before a content is being pasted to the editor. The event argument object can be used to alter the pasting content or cancel the event.
This control can upload the local images to an FTP Server and update the image source references according to the uploaded remote URL by just a single method call.
GUI Search dialog; Search API is also available for implementing your own search user interfaces.
Property available for choosing Single Line Break or Paragraph on Enter key response
Various HTML Content manipulation API is added, Caret position getter/setter, various Selection related methods all are available in the most logical manner.
Body style can be edited using a rich GUI CSS editor, which is available both in Design time and run time. (.net windows form html control)
And lots more..... (html editor winforms control)