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Stylus Studio® X15 XML Enterprise Suite is our latest product release, featuring all-new XML productivity tools designed to further simplify and automate frequently encountered programming tasks, and it offers increased support for several popular databases and industry standards, easing XML data integration tasks, particularly in heterogeneous computing environments. 

The following are just some of the highlights of the newest release:

What's New in Stylus Ent/Pro Studio® X15 XML Suite:
Stylus Studio® X15 XML Ent/Pro Suite contains significant new features and enhancements, including the following:
Fonts , Colors and Block Formats (h1, h2, ...)
Bullet and Numbered Lists.
Indentation and Text Justification.
Tables Authoring.
Inline CSS editing.
Bread crumbs bar which allows to select any element in the path to the root.
Allow to change any HTML element's properties and see the result in real-time.
Integrated Spell Checker.
Turns any HTML document into well-formed XML

XSLT Editor Enhancements
Sense X suggests only XSLT instruction based on the context.
Attributes already defined are no longer suggested.
CTRL + ENTER creates the skeleton for the selected XSLT instruction.
HTML Sense X is now loaded only if the XSLT output is set to html or xhtml.
Support for nested syntax like XSLT and FO, or XSLT and HTML.
>Support for loading additional Sense X information from the project folder associated schemata.
Further reduction in memory footprint to allow working with very large number of XSLT transformation at once.

One Click Intelligent AutoLink for XSLT and XQuery Mapping Tools
Find automatically a match on the target schema based on the element name and the XPath location.
Create link operation based on the element cardinality.
Autolink a single element or an entire sub tree.
Reports visual feedback while scanning the target and can be interrupted when working on very large schema.

Added Support for Microsoft Windows 8.
Added Support for Internet Explorer 10.
Added Support for Oracle Java 1.7.