FastReport VCL v5.3.16 Enterprise FullSource for D7-D10 Seattle

FastReport VCL is an add-on component that allows your application to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport® provides all the tools necessary for developing reports, including a visual report designer, a reporting core, and a preview window.

Report Designer:

new XP-style interface
the "Data" tab with all report datasets
ability to draw diagrams in the "Data" tab
code completion (Ctrl+Space)
report templates
local guidelines (appears when you move or resize an object)
ability to work in non-modal mode, mdi child mode 


split a big page to several small pages
print several small pages on one big
print a page on a specified sheet (with scale)
duplex handling from print dialogue
print copy name on each printed copy (for example, "First copy", "Second copy")