Geocortex Essentials v4.2.0

Build targeted, powerful web mapping applications and maximize the possibilities of Esri’s Web GIS technology. Esri provides an unrivalled platform for delivering web maps and related information products that help people make better decisions. Even with all the rich and varied capabilities included in Esri’s ArcGIS platform, sometimes requirements emerge that may require expensive custom development. Geocortex Essentials provides a smart alternative to custom development that sidesteps the inherent downsides.

Geocortex Essentials delivers an amazing collection of useful features & capabilities

Many organizations have licensed Geocortex Essentials to use a single feature – which alone can save thousands of hours of custom development – only to discover the other exciting capabilities Geocortex has to offer:

Manage normal or large format, high-resolution map printing requests with customizable and out-of-the-box layouts and templates. Save your organization valuable resources by easily generating commonly used reports that you have pre-configured.

Easily create interactive dialogs for web and mobile applications. Prompt your end-users for information via text boxes, auto-complete entries, date pickers, and drop-down menus.

Discover patterns and learn about the nature of your data by visualizing attribute information on a map. Configure data to display in customizable bar charts, pie charts, or line charts that dynamically update as selections and results change.

Access over 200 pre-built functions and avoid writing thousands of lines of code to do common tasks. Buffering, geocoding, querying, geoprocessing, routing, emailing, and form inputs are only a handful of the pre-made activities that you can chain together to decrease the time it takes to execute whatever business functions you wish.

Advanced security features allow you to grant or deny access to specific components within your applications. Administrators supply permissions on applications, map services, layers, map features, database tables, reports, workflows and more to create personalized experiences for users or groups within your organization.

Extend the reach and capabilities of your applications by linking spatial and non-spatial databases, files, or web services that can be embedded in reports, searches, and forms.

A highly-scalable, extremely fast search engine defines and indexes attributes from multiple map services and feature services to provide intuitive search capabilities across millions of map features. End-users will see search suggestions as they type – sorted by relevance – and results will be plotted on the map instantly.

Beautiful viewers that work on virtually any device, elegantly

Having features, tools, and widgets you need out-of-the-box is good… configuring them in a unified, cohesive user experience is even better.

Beyond a loose catalog of tools and features, Geocortex Essentials delivers a unified and cohesive user experience designed carefully for use on desktop browsers, tablets, and handheld devices. For mobile users working in disconnected environments, Geocortex applications can work offline, allowing data edits and other changes that can be synchronized when back online.

Streamline user interactions with Geocortex Workflow

Geocortex Essentials includes unique and versatile Workflow technology that will transform how you approach application development and process automation. The vast majority of enterprise business processes (simple or complex) can be modeled, streamlined and automated with step-by-step workflows, integrating geographic information and GIS operations where appropriate.

Workflow expedites initial development, is self-documenting, and insulates you from viewer technology change that often triggers application rewrites.

End-users across an organization don’t need a GIS background to use your maps, and need only follow simple, guided interactions to accomplish an incredible array of sophisticated business and operational tasks.

Workflow Engine
Manage the client-server and human interactions in Geocortex Workflow.

Workflow Simulator
Create workflows using Workflow Designer, then test the workflows — either during the design process or upon completion — using the built-in Workflow Simulator.

Workflow Activity Library
There are more than 200 pre-built activities you can use to assemble and configure almost any workflow imaginable. Developers can create custom activities and extend the workflow library to integrate with your own 3rd party systems or perform advanced logic.

Efficiently design and manage multiple applications with Geocortex Essentials Manager

Create, edit, and control an entire constellation of Geocortex applications from Geocortex Essentials Manager. Complementing technologies like Esri’s Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (which is ideal for many types of apps), Geocortex Essentials Manager provides tools with enormous depth to build and manage precisely-tailored mapping applications that contain everything your end-users require.

To help tap into the incredible possibilities of Esri's Web GIS pattern, Geocortex Essentials delivers comprehensive technology for application authoring and management:

Intuitive Web-Based UI
The web-based interface means you can access Geocortex Essentials Manager from anywhere to build and maintain applications.

JSON-Based Configuration
Define application settings without meddling with source code.

Shared Configuration Between Applications
If you need to build more than one application, Geocortex Essentials Manager is engineered to enable applications to share settings like map service configuration, print templates, branding and more. Save time when building new applications, and when you want to make changes to all your apps you only have to modify the configuration in one place.

Dramatically reduce development time and complexity

Features and capabilities that are provided with Geocortex Essentials are supported by a rich set of documented application programming interfaces (APIs) that you can use to build the precise deliverables required.

APIs leverage the framework architecture and provide access to Geocortex Essentials’ core components.

Service-Oriented Architecture
Geocortex Essentials contains resources, operations, and server-side components that enable customization and extension of applications.

REST Web Services
REST APIs leverage the framework architecture and provide access to Geocortex Essentials’ core components.