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IDE Fix Pack for D10.1 Berlin

IDE Fix Pack 5.95

IDE Fix Pack is a collection of unofficial bug fixes and performance optimizations for the RAD Studio IDE, Win32/Win64/Andoird-ARM compiler and Win32 debugger.

**IDE Fix Pack **is an IDE plugin for RAD Studio 2009-10.1 Berlin that fixes IDE bugs at runtime. All changes are done in memory. No files on disk are modified. None of your projects are modified or benefit from the IDE Fix Pack other than being compiled faster. Only the IDE gets the fixes and optimizations.

The performance optimizations let the IDE start faster, open projects faster, optimizes the compiler’s file search algorithm, makes CodeInsight, the actual compilation and the debugger faster. It also fixes some IDE, compiler and debugger memory leaks.

fastdcc applies the Compiler Speed Pack that is included in IDE Fix Pack on the command line compiler dcc32, dcc64 and dccaarm (XE6 and newer).