ImageKit.NET2 support upto VS2013

The ImageKit.NET2 is comprehensive image processing component developed and distributed by Newtone Corporation. The ImageKit.NET2 is a 100% native .NET component that allows application programmers to quickly and easily add powerful imaging capabilities to their .NET applications. Popular around the world, the ImageKit.NET2 continues our tradition of excellence in software development toolkits.

In this latest version of our ImageKit series, sophisticated image annotation capabilities and a new Toolbar control interface allow you to annotate images quickly and easily. Now, not only can you use method calls to add annotation objects to images, you can also access these same methods via the Toolbar control to create and manipulate annotation objects visually without writing a single line of code. All annotation information can be saved seperately in an annotation file. Annotations saved in this way can be loaded at a later time onto any image. Embed annotations into the image, edit the annotation content, alter annotation shape, rotate them, save them, it is very easy with the new ImageKit.NET2.

Of course the ImageKit.NET2 still contains all of the capabilities of earlier versions so that you can build programs that retrieve images from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras, load and save images in a variety of formats, apply numerous image filters and transformations, resize, rotate, and compose images, display thumbnails and much much more. The new WebCamera control even lets you record, play, and preview movies from USB Web Cameras.

There are numerous sample programs included with the ImageKit.NET2 illustrating the most common imaging tasks. Each sample shows one or two tasks, keeping the sample programs easy to understand and allowing you to use the samples to aid in building your imaging applications. Our technical support team is ready to assist you in your endeavors to build the highest quality image processing applications.