Instagram Filters Source Code android delphi xe5

One of the hot apps right now is the Instagram app and if you are looking to build something similar the filter effects are a key component. You easily build an app like Instagram with Delphi XE5 Firemonkey and this post includes demo source code to get you started. I have tested the app on Android and Windows but I think it should also work on IOS and OSX (except for the mobile only functionality). There are three parts to the demo: loading and cropping a photo, applying a filter effect, and sharing the resulting image. Delphi XE5 Firemonkey comes with over 60 different effects for you to use and you can combine them to make even more. The hardest part of getting the filters working are that the drag and drop functionality of filters does not automatically stack as far as I know. What this means is that if you want to combine the effects of two filters you have to do it in code. I searched and searched for the best way to do this and I finally found a way which only takes one line of code to apply a permanent filter to a bitmap. The other big piece of functionality in this demo is using TSelection to crop the image into a square. The math to get the TSelection object to crop correctly was tricky. Lastly I used the Share Sheet demo and the Camera Roll demo from Embarcadero to hook up getting a photo from CameraUI, getting a photo from the Camera Roll, and Sharing the photo at the end using the Share Sheet. I would really like to see some code that calls the Share Sheet without having the assign the action to a button. In any event I am including the demo source code for this app below. I included a default photo in the crop section of the app for testing purposes but for a real app you would remove that.