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JSON Viewer and JSON VCL components

JSON support has been introduced in Delphi 2010 as a part of DBExpress database driver architecture, but of course JSON support is not limited to just database applications. JSON is similar to XML as both are text-based data interchange formats.

Delphi 6 introduced “TXMLDocument” component and the “XML Data Binding Wizard” to make it easier to work with XML documents in code.

In this paper I’m presenting a similar component for JSON called “TJSONDocument”. The next step was to implement “TJSONTreeView” component for displaying the content of a ”TJSONDocument” in VCL Forms applications. Using these components a simple JSON Viewer application has been created and described here.

In the XML world there are two categories of parsers: DOM and SAX. DOM parsers takes XML string and builds its in-memory representation – a “Document Object Model” - for application to traverse and update it. At the other hand SAX is a streaming interface — applications receive information from XML documents in a continuous stream, with no backtracking or navigation allowed.

In the later part of this article I’m describing the “TJSONParser” component that was created as an experimental TJSONDocument-descendant that provides SAX-like event-based processing for JSON.