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Kellerman .NET Config Helper Pro

The Config Helper Library has the ability to manage all your .NET configuration needs. Read/write to the registry, application configuration, and INI files with a single line of code. Everything is 100% managed code.

Registry Reader Writer Features**

Intelligent default sub keys
Ability to write to all registry locations (locations other than CurrentUser require admin rights)
Ability to read from all registry locations
Ability to delete registry keys and sub trees
Get all the values for a section

Configuration Reader Writer Features**

Automatically selects the default app.config or web.config
Ability to use external configuration files
Read and write from the application settings section
Read and write from the connection strings section
Read from custom sections
Detect if an application setting or connection string exists

INI Reader Writer Features**

No calls to COM Interop
Static methods for replacing old COM calls including: GetPrivateProfileInt, GetPrivateProfileString, and WritePrivateProfileString
Read, write, and delete settings.
Ability to process escape characters
Ability to change the comment character or the delimiter
Get all the values for a section