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Krypton Suite 4.4.0 with Source Code Retail

Use the Krypton Suite to create beautiful looking applications that impress your customers and your boss. Stay ahead of the competition by adding our Office 2010 palettes to your applications.

Download Krypton Suite 4.4.0 with Source Code Retail

Create great looking applications by using our free toolkit of user interface controls and components. Our palette system allows you to switch between visual themes with just a single line of code. The toolkit comes with themes that match Office 2007, Office 2010 and many others.

Click on links below to see screenshots of the controls in action.

Download Krypton Suite 4.4.0 with Source Code Retail

Input Controls**

Creating an input form is very simple with the wide range of controls
available in the toolkit. Below you have controls on the left side and a
label on the right indicating the name of that control.

You can use the free windows forms controls in the Krypton Toolkit from
any .NET Framework language such as C# or VB.NET. They also have
full Visual Studio design time support for ease of use.

Button Controls**

Every application needs button controls. Below you can see example
images of the different types of button available. Note that the drop down
button will show a context menu when the drop down is pressed.

Clicking the color button drop down shows a context menu showing color
selection entries making it quick and easy to add color selection to your
own Windows Forms applications.

List Controls**

Below you can see examples of list controls. You can add instances of the
KryptonListItem object in order to specify two text strings and an image for
display. This makes it much quicker to add extra values over the standard
window forms list controls.

Form Control**

No control suite is complete without ensuring the window chrome is also
consistent with the controls it contains. This image shows the Office 2007
style appearance applied to the form.

If your using the KryptonRibbon then the window chrome will be updated
to integrate the application button and quick access toolbar into the title
area of the window.

Utility Components

Use the KryptonCheckSet to automatically handle a group of check
buttons and ensure that only a single one is checked at a time. In the
picture below you can see a set of four check buttons. As the user clicks
check buttons it will automatically uncheck the old button.

Use the KryptonCommand to update several controls using the same
single source of values. All the controls below are attached to the same
command instance and so show the same text and image.