Mida Basic Embarcadero XE4 Edition 2.70 DXE4 and CBXE4

Mida is a tool to convert your VCL project to FireMonkey.

Version after version, Mida has expanded dramatically, now supports almost all features of FireMonkey.

This version has a full support for XE4, FMX3, new XE4 features for example TFrame.

Mida Basic Embarcadero XE4 Edition

This is a basic version of the converter, available in conjunction with licensed Embarcadero XE4 IDE.

This version supports many standard components of Embarcadero.

It has support for LiveBindings.

The LiveBindings-Links are automatically created between the standard components (TDbEdit. ..) and the database.

You can upgrade to Mida Pro or Mida Studio activating these features :

- Support of Hundreds of components of Third Party ( TMS,JVCL,DevExp... )
  for example Mida automatically converts TMS TAdvPanel to FireMonkey TPanel

- iPad Mobile support ( Mida Studio only )
  You can to convert your VCL project to iPad

- Report Conversion ( QuickReport,FastReport... - Mida Studio only )

- Pascal and C++ Source Code
  Upgrade your code for FireMonkey (where possible)

- Custom conversion for your Components
  for example convert your class TMyBitBtn in FireMonkey TButton

- StyleBook
  Great ! Realistic font style, font color, background color 

- Advanced LiveBindings
  Visual components connects to DataSource
  In Mida Pro are supported more complex components as TDbLookUpComboBox

- Image Converter
  The FireMonkey Image format is different from Vcl, Mida converts your TImage png, jpg... to FireMonkey format

- Online Tables of conversion
  Always updated with new components every day

- Mida Application without XE4 IDE
  Mida XE4 Basic is only a IDE PlugIn, Mida Pro/Studio is an application
- Email Support

Installation of Mida Basic XE4 :

1) Create a directory
2) Unzip file Mida_Basic_XE4.zip
3) Close all Delphi / C++ Builder IDE
4) Run Mida_XE4_Installer.exe
5) Open Delphi XE4 or C++Builder XE4
6) Open VCL Project
7) Open Tools Menu -> Mida - Convert VCL To FireMonkey