Neodynamic ThermalLabel SDK for .NET v5.0.3500.0

Create, Preview & Print Barcode Thermal Labels with C# & VB.NET

ThermalLabel SDK for .NET is a lightweight class library (DLL) that lets you to create advanced barcode labels and print them to Zebra ZPL/EPL-compatible Thermal Printers by writing just pure .NET code in VB.NET or C#.

ThermalLabel SDK can be used for designing and printing from simple to complex labels layout supporting Texts, Barcodes, Graphics and Images, and Shapeslike circles, ellipses, rectangles, and lines. It provides an unified object model which will allow you to create one label design and print it to either ZPL or EPL printers getting the same output printing!


Exclusively Designed for .NET Thermal Printing Scenarios

Zebra ZPL & EPL Compatible

ThermalLabel SDK provides .NET label design and printing for any Zebra-compatible Thermal Printers supporting ZPL® or ZPL II® (Zebra Programming Language) or EPL (Eltron Programming Language). Other thermal printer brands like Datamax & Intermec provide ZPL or EPL Emulation that allows you to use ThermalLabel SDK to target them too.

Simple Object Model

ThermalLabel SDK provides a flexible programming object model that allows you to create one label design and print it to either ZPL or EPL printers getting the same output printing! ThermalLabel SDK will let you to create from simple to complex layouts without efforts writing pure .NET code in VB or C#. ThermalLabel SDK generates native ZPL or EPL commands.Printing job is fast and you get best performance.


.NET Data Binding Support

ThermalLabel SDK was designed considering.NET Data Binding scenarios which mean you canbind text and barcode items to .NET data sources. It provides support for most common data types used in data binding scenarios like Arrays, Lists, ADO.NET Access or SQL Server DB,XML DataSetCustom Objects as well as CSV files!

Counters - Print Range

Counters allow you to index data items by a selected increment or decrement value, making the data items increase or decrease by a specified value each time a label is printed. Learn how to print 10 barcode labels for values ranging from "ABC01" to "ABC10" leveraging Counters feature!

Data Masking & Formatting

Data Masking allows you to serialize data itemsby specifying a Mask string as well as an increment string. It's useful for batch printing scenarios when serialized items are involved. Learn how to create and print a barcode label for a serialized product


Text, Pictures, Shapes & more

 Text items supporting multi-line, content alignment, sizing, Unicode, RTL (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.), Custom and installed Windows TTF files, White Text On Black, rotation, horizontal alignment, counters, and text masking. 

 Graphic, Image & Picture items supporting image formats like GIF, JPG/JPEG, BMP, and PNG; monochrome conversion features like Threshold and Floyd-Steinberg algorithms and reversing; sources image like files, base64 as well as binary content. 

 Shape items supporting lines (horizontal, vertical, and diagonals), rectangles with rounded corners, circles and ellipses.