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Pantaray QSetup Installation Suite Pro

QSetup - Windows Installation Software can produce setup files in the form of an MSI (Windows Installer) file as well as a traditional EXE file. Also the user can decide at anytime whether to generate an EXE or MSI installation from the same project definition. QSetup Auto-update is unique in it's ability to create setup that will AUTO-UPDATE from the Internet, when a new version of the program is available. QSetup features an innovative concept the Execution Engine. This engine will let you define special operations to be performed during the various stages of the Install and UnInstall process. 

A highly effective and professional setup program
No script programming required
User friendly and intuitive interface
The most comprehensive multi lingual support
Produce a single Self Extract installation file or an MSI setup file
Create setup that will Auto Update from the Internet
Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems
Create Split Setup - send your customers a small Setup Kernel that will download the rest of the setup file from the Internet
Static & Dynamic Dependency Check - a must have for Visual Basic developers