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Pluralsight The Testing Framework

Learn the latest in unit testing technology for C#, VB.NET (and other .NET languages) created by the original inventor of NUnit. is a free, extensible, open source framework designed for programmers that aligns more closely with the .NET platform.


Pluralsight The Testing FrameworkIntroduction and InstallationPluralsight The Testing Framework00:24:28 
Module OverviewPluralsight The Testing Framework01:01 
What is xUnit.Net?Pluralsight The Testing Framework01:33 
Why Another Testing Framework?Pluralsight The Testing Framework04:12 
Installing xUnit.Net and Writing A Simple TestPluralsight The Testing Framework04:38 
Running Tests in Visual StudioPluralsight The Testing Framework03:56 
Running Tests with ResharperPluralsight The Testing Framework04:39 
Running Tests from The Command LinePluralsight The Testing Framework03:14 
Module summaryPluralsight The Testing Framework01:15 
Pluralsight The Testing FrameworkWriting Tests with xUnit.netPluralsight The Testing Framework00:49:11 
Module OverviewPluralsight The Testing Framework01:15 
About AssertsPluralsight The Testing Framework03:10 
Asserting Equality with Individual ObjectsPluralsight The Testing Framework06:29 
Asserting Equality with Collections of ObjectsPluralsight The Testing Framework03:59 
Asserting Equality with DecimalsPluralsight The Testing Framework02:37 
Asserting InequalityPluralsight The Testing Framework01:55 
Asserting Boolean ResultsPluralsight The Testing Framework02:43 
Asserting Null ValuesPluralsight The Testing Framework00:51 
Asserting that A Value Falls within A Given RangePluralsight The Testing Framework02:18 
Asserting on The Contents of CollectionsPluralsight The Testing Framework02:41 
Asserting on Object TypesPluralsight The Testing Framework03:12 
Asserting on ExceptionsPluralsight The Testing Framework04:36 
Temporarily Stopping A Test from RunningPluralsight The Testing Framework02:03 
Grouping Tests into CategoriesPluralsight The Testing Framework06:39 
Running Code Before and After Each TestPluralsight The Testing Framework03:33 
Module SummaryPluralsight The Testing Framework01:10 
Pluralsight The Testing FrameworkData-driven TestsPluralsight The Testing Framework00:33:04 
Module OverviewPluralsight The Testing Framework00:59 
Inline Data-Driven TestsPluralsight The Testing Framework13:15 
Property Data-Driven TestsPluralsight The Testing Framework06:45 
Excel Data-Driven TestsPluralsight The Testing Framework07:19 
SQL Server Data-Driven TestsPluralsight The Testing Framework03:48 
Module SummaryPluralsight The Testing Framework00:58 
Pluralsight The Testing FrameworkAdvanced TechniquesPluralsight The Testing Framework00:43:07 
Module OverviewPluralsight The Testing Framework01:20 
Custom Trait AttributesPluralsight The Testing Framework04:47 
Custom Data-Driven Test AttributesPluralsight The Testing Framework04:18 
Introduction to AutoFixturePluralsight The Testing Framework09:14 
Using AutoFixture with xUnit.netPluralsight The Testing Framework06:40 
Automocking with, AutoFixture, and MoqPluralsight The Testing Framework15:13 
Module SummaryPluralsight The Testing Framework01:35 
Pluralsight The Testing for NUnit usersPluralsight The Testing Framework00:19:45 
Module OverviewPluralsight The Testing Framework01:33 
NUnit Attribute Equivalents in xUnit.netPluralsight The Testing Framework10:05 
NUnit Assert Equivalents in xUnit.netPluralsight The Testing Framework06:31 
Module SummaryPluralsight The Testing Framework01:36