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PortSight Task Scheduler-1.2 Enterprise Edition

PortSight Task Scheduler executes long-running and resource-intensive tasks asynchronously, on the server side, which makes your ASP.NET applications more robust and improves user experience. 

Where can I use it?**

PortSight Task Scheduler can be used for any ASP.NET application where you need to:

avoid server time outs
schedule and execute server-side tasks
execute long-running tasks asynchronously
serialize tasks that access shared data or require a lot of server resources
execute server utilities and commands under a privileged account

Schedule and execute from ASP.NET ...**

command line utilities
SQL commands
Web download
e-mails sending
any custom process, such as generation of reports, daily summaries calculations, etc.

How does it work?**

PortSight Task Scheduler Windows services is running on the server under specified account (e.g. under administrator or system account).
You can create a new task from the ASP.NET page and run it immediately - a pop-up window appears and informs user about task status. The window checks if task is still running.
After task is finished, the pop-up window closes and user is redirected to specified page.