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Quiksoft EasyMail SMTP Express Pro v1.0.3.0

EasyMail SMTP Express is an e-mail queuing and delivery system. It rapidly accepts e-mail messages from the EasyMail SMTP Object, EasyMail .Net Edition SMTP assembly, EasyMail Advanced API SMTP library, FreeSMTP.Net assembly or other source, then queues and deliverers the messages in the background.

This offers several advantages to the application developer:

Your Application Will be More Responsive
Since your application does not have to send mail over the slow Internet, it responds quickly. Your application can send many very large messages instantly.

More of Your Messages Will Get Through
Ensuring that messages get delivered can be a tricky task. The Internet offers many impassable obstacles:

Programming your application to handle these situations can be daunting, if not impossible. When a messages is submitted to EasyMail SMTP Express, you could call it "fire and forget." EasyMail SMTP Express handles the low level delivery details. If a failure occurs, the message is retried at user defined intervals. If a message can not be delivered after a user defined expiration period, notifications can be sent to e-mail addresses or posted to files where they can be picked up by your application.

You Will Send More Messages Faster
EasyMail SMTP Express sorts the messages in queue so that they can be delivered in the quickest way possible. In addition, up to 64 messages can be delivered simultaneously.

Your Multi-User Applications Will Scale Better
EasyMail SMTP Express offloads the burden of network communications, from your application. All network communication is consolidated, and processed in an efficient manner. Multiple instances of your application will not tie up network resources, memory or processor time.

EasyMail SMTP Express will run on all 32-bit Windows / Intel platforms. 

EasyMail SMTP Express was designed to integrate with the EasyMail SMTP Object, EasyMail .Net Edition SMTP assembly, EasyMail Advanced API SMTP library and FreeSMTP.Net assembly. These products include built in support to handle the submission of messages to EasyMail SMTP Express.

In addition to accepting mail from these products, EasyMail SMTP Express will accept mail from just about any development environment, on just about any platform, including:

This multi-platform compatibility is accomplished by the way that EasyMail SMTP Express picks up messages. EasyMail SMTP Express monitors a special sub directory for files containing e-mail messages. When a message is found, it is pulled into the EasyMail SMTP Express system, sorted and delivered. Therefore, any system which can create a text file in the proper directory, can submit messages to EasyMail SMTP Express.