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RSSBus ADO.NET Provider for Facebook V2 v2.0.5144

The RSSBus ADO.NET Provider for Facebook gives developers the power to easily connect .NET applications to Facebook data including Events, Groups, Pages, Places, Posts, and more! The Facebook Data Provider makes these Facebook services look like SQL tables in your applications. With the RSSBus ADO.NET Provider for Facebook developers can simply DataBind to data, just like using SQL Server.

1-2-3 Easy Steps to Facebook Integration**

Connecting .NET applications to Facebook has never been easier. The Facebook Data Provider offers read-write access to Facebook, through an easy to use Data Provider interface that every .NET developer is familiar with.

Install RSSBus ADO.NET Provider for Facebook
Connect & Select Data

Connect .NET Applications With Facebook**

DataBind to Facebook data using standard Visual Studio wizards.
Comprehensive support for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations.
Integrate .NET applications with Facebook Events, Groups, Pages, Places, Posts and more!