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RSSBus JDBC Driver for RSS Version 1.0.5043

The RSS JDBC Driver gives developers the power to easily connect Java applications to RSS feed data through a standard JDBC driver interface! The RSS Driver makes these RSS services look like database tables in your applications. With the RSSBus JDBC Driver for RSS developers can easily work with RSS, just like interacting with a database.

1-2-3 Easy Steps to RSS Integration

Connecting Java applications to RSS feeds has never been easier. The RSS Driver offers complete read access to RSS feeds, through an easy to use JDBC Driver interface that every Java developer is familiar with.

Configure the RSS JDBC Driver Connection
Explore the Meta-Data

The RSS Driver effectively makes RSS feeds look like a database to your applications. If you want to integrate your applications with RSS feeds and you have ever written Transact-SQL, then RSS Driver is definitely for you! 

An Easy-to-use JDBC Client Driver for RSS

DataBind to RSS feeds using standard Java Database Connectivity.
Easy-to-use client library enables developers to easily integrate Java/J2EE Applications with RSS feeds.