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Red Gate SQL Developer Bundle

Individually, each of the 12 tools target and help to simplify a specific point problem. In the bundle, the tools come together to comprehensively support your core development activities.

Code SQL effortlessly**
Take the routine out of writing SQL, with keyword completion, customizable snippets, and suggestions for completing INSERT, ALTER, and JOIN statements from SQL Prompt.

Move straight to invalid objects**
Track down invalid objects in your database with a few clicks, using SQL Prompt, and generate scripts to help you fix them straightaway.

Keep code readable**
Make inherited code readable and keep developers working to the same standards, with SQL Prompt's single-click, customizable code reformatting.

Rapidly create fully-customizable test data**
Create realistic, fully-customizable test data in a flash, using SQL Data Generator, to boost your database testing process and to demo databases without sharing private data.

Visualize object dependencies**
Gain a thorough understanding of database structure, including the dependencies between related databases, without leaving SSMS, using SQL Dependency Tracker.

Search your databases and navigate straight to the results**
Find every instance of a SQL fragment or reference to an object, then locate them in the Object Explorer straight from your results, with SQL Search.