RemObjects Oxygene

Oxygene is a modern, object oriented programming language for the 21st century. It builds on the strong foundation of Object Pascal, but extends it with many groundbreaking language features that will change the way you create software. Oxygene is a general purpose modern programming language and environment that lets you create applications and projects for all of todays major platforms — from Windows over Android to Mac and iOS — all with the same language, and while leveraging the platform's native APIs, frameworks and UI widgets.

Unique language features in Oxygene include Class Contracts, Futures & Parallelism, Aspect Oriented Programming, Sequences & Queries, Mapped Types, Duck Typing, and many more.

Oxygene 5.3 is currently available in two editions, one for .NET, WinRT and Mono and another for Java and Android. Both versions share the same language and produce 100% native output for their platform — .NET assemblies and JAR files, respectively. A third edition for native Mac and iOS development is in the works.

A language and compiler is only half the story for being productive and creating great apps and solutions. Oxygene rounds off the development experience with a strong development environment built on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 IDE.

For developers who already have a copy of Visual Studio 2010 or 2012 Professional or higher installed (for example for use with C# of Visual Basic.NET), Oxygene seamlessly integrates itself with the existing development environment, so that you can use the Oxygene Language next to C# and Visual Basic.