RemObjects SDK for .NET Retail

RemObjects SDK is an award-winning framework for building highly scalable distributed applications: client applications and servers that can communicate easily and seamlessly, whether on the local company network or across the internet. RemObjects SDK infrastructure is available in 100% native editions for all of today's modern application development platforms, giving you the flexibility to have applications on different devices and operating systems to communicate and interoperate seamlessly.

Key Benefits

Vast client support — Native RemObjects SDK client implementations are available for virtually all of today's platforms, giving you maximum flexibility in expanding your applications reach with great native client applications for a wide range of platforms, from desktop apps on Windows, Metro and the Mac over mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phone to browser-based web apps.

Fully platform-native clients — At RemObjects we believe that to create great native apps for a platform, one needs to embrace the native toolchain of the platform. That's why each edition of RemObjects SDK has been designed from the ground up for the platform in question — a pure .NET library, a pure Objective-C library, a pure Java library, a pure Delphi/VCL library, and a 100% pure javascript library, respectively.
All libraries use the same core technologies and a shared architecture and are fully wire-compatible while feeling completely at home on their respective platform.

Cross-Platform servers — With our powerful .NET and Mono based server implementation in RemObjects SDK for .NET, you can create true "build once, run everywhere" cross-platform services that can be hosted on Linux, Windows and even Mac OS X servers, not just with a single code base, but with a single executable. While many commercial .NET frameworks "probably work fine" on Mono, we take pride in the fact that RemObjects SDK is explicitly tested and supported for Mono deployment on Linux and Mac.

Key Technologies

Service Builder — A RAD application that lets you define the services and types exposed by your server, generate stub implementations and client proxies for all supported platforms. Deeply integrated into the server-supported IDEs, Visual Studio and Delphi.

Service Tester — A graphical tool to run scalability tests against your services to see how your server application can cope with a high load and a large volume of concurrent requests. Windows-only.

Olympia Server — A pre-build server application that lets your server scale out across multiple machines (or even multiple data centers) by keeping shared session state available to all servers that are part of your server infrastructure. Read more.

ROZeroConf — Use Apple Bonjour or RemObjects SDK's own network-compatible ROZeroConf infrastructure to let clients seamlessly discover servers available on the local network and enable zero-configuration LAN solutions. Read more.

Smart Services — Combine RemObjects SDK's own and highly efficient binary protocol with open standards such as SOAP or JSON to create services that can serve the best of both worlds: fast connectivity to your own RemObjects SDK-based clients, while also providing access to third party applications that use open protocol clients.