RxLib v2.75 Update 1.0.17 for D5-XE10.1 Berlin

The rxlib was one of the most famous component packages back when Delphi 3 was current, not only because it was free but also because of its quality.

Unfortunately the original authors lost interest in it and over the years there wasn't much development going on. Several people adapted the library to newer Delphi version (e.g. my own port to Delphi 7) and added bugfixes to it. So there are still various downloads available from the internet and it is rather difficult to find out which version contains which fixes etc.

There was also this sourceforge project, founded apparently in 2001 by Scott Blood. But unfortunately he too seems to have lost interest and did not respond when I tried to contact him at the address given on the sourceforge page.

So I - Thomas Müller - decided to take over that project to provide a central place for anybody who still uses that library. For now, I have put it into maintenance mode, which means that I will try to adapt it to new versions of Delphi as they are released but will not do any further development. If you find any bugs and fix them, please send me a patch or - even better - register as a developer with the project and just submit them to the subversion repository on sourceforge.