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SautinSoft Document .Net v2.1.5.13 (Full Version)

"Gives API to generate, load and parse DOCX, RTF, PDF and Text documents in .Net and C#"

![SautinSoft Document .Net v2.1.5.13 (Full Version)]( "Document .Net - Generate, Load and Parse DOCX, RTF, PDF and Text documents in .Net and C#")


┬źDocument .Net┬╗ will help you in development of applications which operates with DOCX, RTF, PDF and Text documents. After adding of the reference to "SautinSoft.Document.dll" (it's 100% C# managed assembly) you will be able to create a new document, parse an existing, modify anything what you want. Not too shabby! Let us say:

  • Generate new document on fly and fill it by necessary data.
  • Load existing document and get all it's structure as tree of objects.
  • Modify paragraph formatting, text, tables, TOC and other elements in existing document.
  • Parse the document and get the tree of its objects.
  • Replace, merge any data in documents and save as new DOCX, Text or RTF.
  • Convert between PDF, DOCX, RTF and Text.