SphinxConnector 3.10.7

.NET Client API for the Sphinx Full-Text Search Engine

SphinxConnector.NET offers a fluent query API that makes using Sphinx with .NET easier and more comfortable than ever. Its fluent interface has been designed for great usability and ease of use. Operating directly on your document models, it lets you create your queries in a strongly typed, LINQ-like fashion:

Create your Document Model:

SphinxConnector 3.10.7

Initialize SphinxConnector.NET and Start Querying:

SphinxConnector 3.10.7

Fluent API Features

 Easy Query Creation

Even the most complex queries can be created easily without writing a single line of SphinxQL with the LINQ-like query API. It makes you more productive, your code becomes easier to maintain and is easier to refactor.
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 Optimized Save and Delete

You can save and delete documents in real-time indexes with just a method call. SphinxConnector.NET takes care of the rest and generates optimized statements for great performance.
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 Convention Based Configuration

By using a convention based approach, the time you spend on configuration is reduced to a minimum. It keeps your code free of custom attributes, requires no manual object mappings and things generally work out of the box.
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 No-Fuss Development

SphinxConnector.NET lets you focus on the task at hand: providing great full-text search capabilities for your users. It doesn't force you to create manual mappings for your objects, you don't have to use some clunky designer, setup is minimal: It just gets out of your way.

 Intuitive to Use

The fluent query API allows both beginners and advanced users to easily design their full-text queries. Beginners will appreciate how easy it is to get started, advanced users will see how SphinxConnector.NET increases their productivity in complex scenarios.

 Customizable if Needed

While the default configuration and mapping conventions already cover many common usage scenarios, SphinxConnector.NET can be easily customized if necessary.


Classic API's

In addition to the fluent API, SphinxConnector.NET provides developers with implementations of both the native Sphinx API and standard ADO.NET classes for executing SphinxQL statements.

Native API