Sub System WinPDF Converter 10

WinPDF Converter: Generate PDF by simply drawing pages using Windows GDI functions, or using Windows Graphics class. Available for Win32, Win64, .NET

WinPDF Converter can be used for two types of tasks.

You can use the product to generate a PDF report by simply using the regular Windows SDK functions to develop your report.

This product can also be used as an add-on to TE Edit Control to provide for PDF conversion of the documents. WinPDF product is written to handle the complex text formatting features offered by TE Edit Control. TE Edit Control includes an automatic interface for this product.

WinPDF Convertor supports the following text formatting features:

Programming Interface: Your application simply uses function calls to do the conversion. The Win32 and Win64 versions include the function and constant declaration files for C/C++. The product is usable in any environment which allows for calling simple DLL functions and Windows SDK functions or .NET Graphics object methods.

The .NET version of this product is written using pure C# managed code. The .NET version can also be used within an ASP.NET server application.

New Features in Version 10.0