SubSystems TE Edit Control for .NET v24 Retail

Rich Text Editor Component DLL for NET, WinForm, ASP .NET, C#, Win32
Win64, ActiveX, Jave, Applet, ASP, Visual Basic, VBSCRIPT, JSCRIPT, VB6, MFC, Delphi, Powerbuilder, Foxpro

TE Edit control is a feature-rich, robust, and time-tested RTF editor component. This advanced RTF component is available for .NET, Win32 (DLL and ActiveX), Win64 and Java environments. The .NET product is written completely using managed C# code with no dependence of a Win32 assembly. The Win32 and .Net products are available with complete DLL source.

TE Edit Control component for .NET is a Windows Form component, but it also includes an ASP.NET wrapper to be used in a server or a client application. Similarly, TE Edit Control component for Win32 can be used in a desktop application, as well as in a web application.

TE Edit Control component for Java is compatible with Java Standard Edition 6.0 or later. Similar to the Win32 and the .NET version of TE Edit Control component, it also includes an ASP.NET wrapper to be used in a server/client Internet applications.

Lists and Bullets

Simple & complex tables

ASP.NET Inteface

Text around picture

Mail-merge and Hyperlink

Document features

Multi-section Documents

Web Editor Demos

Foreign language support

Add-on products available for TE Edit Control