TMS WebGMaps FMX XE4~XE7 1.9.1 Full Source

FireMonkey component with extensive configurability for integrating Google Maps in FireMonkey applications. 

Different map modes are available: default road map, satellite view, hybrid view and terrain
Extra map information can be displayed: Bicycle View, Panoramio (pictures of interest) information, Traffic information
Get & show directions on the map
StreetView can be selected
Position markers may be added to the maps, including default Google balloon markers and custom image markers.
Moving over a marker can display a hint with the marker title information
Extensive configuration options over the different Google maps controls are available: MapType control, OverViewMap control, Pan control, Scale control, StreetView control and Zoom control.
Capability to add polygons, polylines, circles, rectangles on top of the map
Capability to add labels with markers
Capability to show flight routes from point to point (based on longitude/latitude)
TWebGMapsGeocoding/TWebGMapsReverseGeocoding helper component to facilitate conversions between address and longitude/latitude coordinates