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Telerik JustMock 2016 R3 (2016.3.914.2) Retail

Key Features:

Unit Testing Simplified

Testing complex scenarios is now easier than ever. 

Mocking MsCorLib Members/Functions

Mock .NET framework members without additional set-up. 

Intuitive API With Better Discoverability

The intuitive API helps ensure a shorter learning curve.

Elevated Mocking

Mock anything with JustMock. 

As Simple as AAA

The Arrange, Act, Assert pattern provides for well structured, clean and readable unit tests. 

Fully Profiled Automocking

Makes unit tests more stable.

Silverlight Elevated Mocking

Easily mock everything in your Silverlight project. 

Build Systems Integration

JustMock works seamlessly in your continuous build configuration. 

Integration with Visual Studio and Other Tools

JustMock works with VS 2010, 2012 and 2013, and a number of other tools.    

New Features:

Telerik JustMock 2016 R3 (2016.3.914.2) Retail

API Improvements

The Q1 2016 release comes with stability and usability improvements. We’ve also improved its integration with Visual Studio 2015.   Telerik JustMock 2016 R3 (2016.3.914.2) Retail

Enhanced Syntax

Arrange, assert and call private members with a natural syntax.   Telerik JustMock 2016 R3 (2016.3.914.2) Retail

Async Mocks Support

Mocked methods that return Task are now automatically arranged.
More new features