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Xsd2Code++ v4.2.0.31

Xsd2code++ allows to match an XML document to a set of C# or Vb classes and vice versa operations through serialization / deserialization. integrated directly into Microsoft Visual Studio, xsd2code++ is a true productivity tool. It allows developers to manipulate an XML document without having to know XML or how an XML document is processed. The manipulation of the XML document is done using objects previously generated from an XML schema.

What xsd2Code++ can do ?

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*New features:

Fix : Bad code in PropertyChanged in the property setter with enum name equals
Fix : Renamed property with PascalCaseName are not exlude if ExcludeImportedTypes=true /ssp- flag
Fix : Critical error - No C# Code Generated
Fix : Command Line Issues and cmd line option for Code Cleanup
Fix : CDATA not supported if the schema contains specific namespace
Fix : In some case and if PascalCaseProperty enabled, the generated code contains duplicate class
Fix : Summary comment improvment
Fix : [VB] VB Compilation faild with RangeAttribute and DiteTime type
Fix : [VB] Support of Disable/Enable compilation Warning for VB project
Fix : [VB] Symplify and compact code in setter
Fix : [VB] Illegal <> characters in ShouldSerialize method in generated code
Fix : [VB] Compilation error with ShouldSerializeProperty Method with type XmlElement
Fix : [VB] Generate in separate files create a bad Namespace and compilation faild
Fix : [VB] 'Is' operator on type 'UShort' cause compilation failed