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Jigglysnuff, a user in the Discord server is a pedophile. No doubt about it. It's not sarcasm. Not a joke. Not funny.

This user, Jigglysnuff#0666 (314173214924210186) is a cringe idiot, pedophile, simp (the bad kind), necrophiliac, sexual predator, pervert, an asshole, racist, homo/transphobic, an incel, a creep, and self-centered. His current tag is Jigglesworth#0021.

Jigglysnuff is a 20 year old male. He's had multiple sexual interactions with girls under the age of 18, regardless of morality, it's still illegal, and it's still completely inappropriate for an online chatroom. Any sexual interaction with girls above the age might be listed, but those are just shown to provide an example of his creepiness.

Jiggly also specifically targets (from what we've seen so far) girls with some sort of problem, self harm, mental illness, or just going through something, and tries to exploit it for his own gain.

Reminder this guy is also fine with incest, you'll see in screenshots down below, and he claims being loyal is stupid -- having fun with other girls is great. It's morally fucked up. (In other words he's fine with incest & cheating & poly relationships). This guy's an incel and a huge virgin through and through.

You can join the Avy Discord here. Any images in this document can be seen in higher crop by right clicking -> Open image in new tab, and you can freely zoom/download the images if you'd like.

Table of Contents


These targets are the main females he's had sexual / flirting interactions with, in public or private chats. It's completely inappropriate of him to have this type of behavior online. The majority of these girls have been known to be engaged in self-harm, mental illness, have huge insecurities about themselves, or are in a bad situation / depressed. He's clearly attempting to exploit those flaws for his own sexual (or non-sexual) benefit. Utterly disgusting.

Target G

Target G is a 13 year old girl, we don't know her location but she's stated that she is uncomfortable around Jigglysnuff. Immediately upon joining the server, he begins flirting with her. It's pretty sickening; while there isn't much content on this interaction, it's still something we'd like to add to this document.

Target F

Target F is a 16 year old girl from the Oceania region, and she's also in a bad position (considering her excessive self harm). The moderation team has been trying to help her out of her situation, in a safe way, whilist Jiggly was encouraging her to self harm, and attempted to flirt / get closer to her. This one isn't much but it's still filth considering his record.

This one, we're unsure about if there's any pedophilia, but he's asked this girl to show him pictures of self harm, and has tried to get to know him. Regardless if he had bad intentions or not, knowing his age, he should not have tried to befriend such a young person especially with the suspicious stuff he does in public chat. This is completely inapproprite behavior even if it's "sarcasm."


In this situation here, he's asked her to send her pictures of her self harm (after showing it in VC), in a public chat; then he proceeded to make fun of another 13 year old's self harm situation. (Note that their name was Slit My Wrists when that chat was sent).

He's also tried to flirt with the same 16 year old, by telling her he likes her, and going "why you so cute." Jiggly is aware of her age because she's said it multiple times in public chat and VCs previously, so there's no "I didn't know" excuse from him.

Target E

Target E is a 15 year old girl from the Americas region. The age of consent in her state is 17. She turned 15 just two weeks ago on the 11th of August. She's specified many times that she's taken, (as does her status and matching pfp), and she's stated she's 15 many times in public chat. There's absolutely zero excuse for Jiggly with this girl either.

Jiggly has asked this girl multiple times for pictures of her thighs, attempted flirting, and such. Really disgusting of him no doubt about it. The thigh pictures in these screenshots are all from Google, none of them are from girls in this situation.

Screenshots (all in order, from left to right):

Target D

Target D is a 17 year old girl from the Americas region. The age of consent in her state is 17, but anything online / nudes / photography is still 18+, and the age of consent applies to those within a three year age difference. She's just recently turned turned 17 as well. To make it worse, another user thought they were 15, and Jiggly saw that message and continued the sick things with her, meaning that he said everything he said ASSUMING she was 15. This girl was purposefully trying to test to see if he was a pedophile.

Jiggly has asked this girl multiple times to take part in erotic roleplay with him, send nudes*, and do erotic things on a private Minecraft server with her (and most likely other underaged girls). He seemed to notice that she was bait (since Target D had VERY suddenly changed her behavior towards him), and thus put his guard up here. His guard / behavior also changed when she said in public chat that she was actually 17 and not 15. A bit weird of a reaction from him.

*Keep in mind that doing stuff online / sending nudes / etc is still illegal for both Jiggly and for Target D.


Target C

Target C is an 18 year old girl from Canada, but acted like a 16 year old girl in chat. She had some DMs with him, nothing too out of the ordinary, but some occasional flirting.

Target B

Target B is a 19 year old boy, but a bait account acting like a 16 year old girl from Western Europe. There's some flirting and stuff going on in these DMs, but compared to the other targets, this one is a bit calm.


Target A

Target A is a 17 year old girl from the Americas region. This person was one of the main reasons our moderators got suspicious over them. We won't bother censoring their name because all of our dirt on him and her is from public chats.

He relentlessly asked her for selfies, nudes, and a picture of her hair for days straight in both text chat and VCs, and she seemed to be reluctant for a long time.

Unlisted 13 Year Old

Target H (not listed) is a 13 year old girl from the Oceania region, and she's claimed she's fine with larger age differences, but regardless of that, it's still not okay. There have been no private interactions with Jiggly and her, but in public chat's he's flirted with her multiple times, despite her sharing her age publically. There's no "I didn't know" excuse here. She turned 14 on the 21st of August, and Jiggly has attempted to flirt with her in VCs multiple times.

Note, one incident he deleted his message, but asked this girl to "eat him." We were unable to locate the message but mods warned him about it.

This girl isn't listed as we don't have any content on her but we'd like to include it anyway because most of the mods have witnessed his interactions with her.

Interactions In Public Chats

He claims being gay is a choice, asks a 14 year old girl to dream of him, and when being told about another underaged girl's age, he claims the owner is ruining things for him and it's fine if he didn't know their age.

Here he claims he always asks for age before getting involved sexually with someone, but he clearly didn't when he asked the owner's ex to shower VC with him, and also in the pictures above. Claimed that all of his flirting with underaged girls was sarcasm, and even if it was, it clearly isn't fucking appropriate to do, still illegal, still unethical/immoral, and it's still something that shouldn't be done. After being warned so many times and made fun of for it, he still continued.

He also told somebody he'd love to "meat" their kids, if they ever have any. That was bloody fucked up.

Over here, he's lowkey flexing his underage girls. He was offended / scared of being called a pedo, said he forgot to message somebody, probably more underaged girls. He told people he'd smash just upon joining and etc. He claims he has morals but look at him LMFAO.

Asking the user "Sage Legend" to hook up with him, she was 14 and said it in the chat earlier. Very inappropriate. Him making these unecessary jokes about his age, asking underaged girls to fuck him, and claiming he's almost 12, so it's okay to e-sex him.

Here's some interactions with him and underaged girls, and him quite literally dodging the fact that these girls are under 16 years of age / specifying he didn't care about their age.

In this incident he's made a joke about sending people "CP." It was a channel filled with CyberPunk wallpapers. It's completely inapproprite for a Discord server with majority underage girls. He should have known better. LMFAO "I'm not a pedo, I'm not a simp."

Zero reason to automod racial slurs. This guy's a racist. (and wanted to bypass R-word automod).

Why be loyal when you can cheat or fuck around? He has no morals and exclaims he's not loyal to anyone. Pretty bitter if you ask us.

This one really ticked us off and made us feel really disgusted. Honestly scum imbecile.

The following are some screenshots of him being extremely toxic, racist, homophobic, transphobic, and anti-SJW in general. Also a bit of an incel vibe from him.

Of Age Girls

The only girl we could find that was 18+ (of his age / legal) was miyu, who was very uncomfortable with his interactions with her. Her username was "i suck" at the time of the "What do you suck" images. He consistently tried asking her "what do you suck" to incite a sexual conversation with her. It didn't work.


He claimed he was mostly joking about all of his public flirting / grooming of underaged girls, and that it was all "sarcasm." It's pretty obvious by now it wasn't, but he had some people defending him claiming that "he's safe" and that it's a "joke" and that he's not an actual pedophile. Same person claimed they talked to him about Target D and he claimed he didn't want anything to do with her, but in reality he continued flirting although toned down on the online sex roleplay stuff.

Even if the public chats were a "funny joke" it definetly wasn't appropriate at all, and did not belong in the Avy server. The moderators including the owner had asked him multiple times, and so did some of the girls that were defending him. He didn't stop, he couldn't control his urges, and so he had to go.

Our final thoughts are he wasn't joking about most of his flirting, he was actively looking for an e-girl without caring about age, and he was trying to create excuses for himself so he doesn't have to worry about being called out and etc. This clearly wasn't a fucking joke (especially not in DMs). His behavior is inappropriate for the internet, for the Avy server, and for being 20 years old. He acts like a 13 year old.

He also pulled some incel shit, when Target A posted a selfie of her hair, he put a message down calling her a slut and deleted it immediately after. It's still in message logs.


He was very toxic and used multiple banned slurs in the Discord towards moderators of the server, for absolutely no reason. He started an argument with moderators for no reason, because he refused to surpress pings, and called mods annoying for pinging him.

He also told people to kill themselves for calling him out being a pedophile, and told one of the moderators to slit his wrists, promoting more self harm. Completely inappropriate.

Here are some screenshots:


There's still a lot of missing images that we'll be uploading, and we're going to be reporting him to Discord.

~~We'll edit this section later after we determine the outcome of this situation. Until then this section is left blank.~~ But TL;DR -- this guy's a total scumbag, don't be friends with him LMFAO.

So far, he's changed his username, gotten banned from a few servers, but hasn't contacted us. We suspect he's made an alt but nothing really to back that up. He tried defending himself and attempted to send forged shit of the moderators. He also attempted to defend himself, bringing up age of consent laws and such.

You can find message links if you open the text files here.