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C# with bin

I'd like to teach a good portion of my friends C#, a programming language built by Microsoft two decades ago. Put simply, COVID-19 makes it easy for everyone to learn. Register for the course here.

Table of Contents

I realize this document is kind of big but I'd really appreciate if you read this, especially if I sent it to you


I've been reading up more and more on the situation (i'm really sorry to everyone about that btw) and saw that a lot of my friends wanted to learn programming from me / wished they could, and so I thought I would teach them. Normally I would be too busy to try and pull this kind of thing off but it seems with the COVID-19 quarantines, I have quite a bit of free time and so do you.

Many companies including Discord are now offering free services to help people stuck at home, which will help you guys learn better. This includes Discord's server Go Live limit being upped to 50 viewers. It'll be what we use to learn

I've sent you this document because I'm inviting you to sign up, and I'd really like you to. I have many friends that it's hard to upkeep with and this is a good way for me to stay in contact with a good portion of you while also doing something together, instead if sitting around depressed doing nothing. This applies to both me and you.

I only have a limited number of slots available, as I can't handle everyone that wants to learn, so please sign up as soon as possible as slots come in a first-come first-serve manner. I only plan on doing this once, ever.

I'm busy

Bullshit. You know you're just at home right now bored. This social distancing is bad for everyone's mental health so it's better if I try to keep you occupied by teaching you C#. This course is designed to be part-time, not full time, and is definetly not trying to invade your current life as it is.

If you really are busy with online school, or anything else, you should still give things a try. If you find you can't do it, you can always drop out. I won't disrespect you. This course is designed to be tailored to everyone's various schedules and maybe multiple sessions offered too. I'll do my best to even give 1:1 help to those unavailable. You get no penalty for not completing, and the added benefit is that you gain another skill to add onto your resume. There shouldn't be any stress for you either way, and it'll be my job as the teacher to make it as less stressful as possible.

I don't have the aptitude for learning programming / I'm not really interested.

I still think you should try. This course is very tailored to my friends' needs, meaning I'll do my best to ensure every single one of you understands course material. I won't try to stress it out like a full-fledged class but will do my best to be a proper teacher. Being your friend means I understand your way of thinking quite well and means I can help you understand course material.

That said, being part of the friend group ensures you can learn from each other. I have other friends who are very proficient in programming, or even this language itself, but they'll stick around to help mentor you guys in the concepts.

Programming is a neat skill to have, and can make your day-to-day life easier. The way I plan on teaching you isn't supposed to make you a computer scientist or the next Bill Gates, but as somebody who can understand computers better to then protect yourself in the virtual world, and to help you understand concepts of various digital and mathemtical concepts better. Computers become more part of our day to day life and they become bigger and more complex as we continue to move forward in the years.

I see programming as a skill, like cooking or seweing, there's people out there who master it, and people out there who use it as a general everyday skill. I see programming that way, like a pencil on a piece of paper. Except this pencil is the code, and the paper is your computer; with a pencil you can design the world's greatest stories, and the world's tallest most complex buildings, or you can even draw some cute anime art, you name it. Programming is a good progressive skill that helps you tackle down many many concepts from science to mathematics to even mental. It can help shape a different way of thinking and a more analytical way to understand the world.

I also don't believe that everyone can tackle programming, no matter how much the effort, some people aren't fit to understand programming. Their speciality lies somewhere else. Programming can be tunnel-minded and analytical, living little room for creativity or free thinking, and people who are the opposite of this can even have a hard time understanding this. But that doesn't mean it isn't worth giving it a try. It's only helpful to you in the end, and if you find you can't do it, then that gives you a new path to understanding yourself better.

I'm still fucking insecure

I don't care, I will tell you the truth if I believe you can't handle learning programming, and will ask you to make the decision of keeping going or not. I will give you my advice and I really recommend you still attempt learning.

There's multiple benefits to you trying:

I already know programming / I'm already learning

If you're learning C++, Java, TypeScript, or JavaScript right now, then sign up. Just don't even hesitate or ask questions.

I think it's best to try to pick up C#. The language covers a lot of concepts found in many other languages and has very good compatiblity with other languages and fields in programming. C# has been seen used in game development, backend development, AI, processing, cybersecurity, and even frontend development. It's fairly general purpose and now cross-platform and a neat skill to add onto your resume.

I'd also like if you could review over my course material and help make it easier for new programmers to understand, and maybe try mentoring them as well. It really helps to have extra hands around.

If you feel like you already know C#, then this is great because 1) you can help me with course material and 2) you can learn C# from a different person's perspective. You might not even be proficient in the same fields that I am, so it would be a nice introduction to the more server-side or web-side of C#.

This course will have multiple layers for the different skill levels I plan on covering, so don't worry about covering stuff you might already know

I'm sold, where do I sign up?

There's a Google form at the top of this document.

Why did you choose C#?

Well, I'm very proficient in C# backend and serverside development. I'm really good at building architecture though like everyone else I have much to learn and hope to continue learning things as I teach you all. This helps me too, even.

There's many out there who refer to me as a "master" of C#, etc. and I'd like to use those skills to help teach others this fluency in C# that I know. I understand the code like it's blood flowing through my own veins, and it would really be nice to teach my friends some of that skill as well. I have strong opinions with C#, but I don't plan on making C# the only skill you should learn, in fact this course is designed to help you tackle some of the concepts of C# more easily.

C# is easy and simple to use with the proper development tools on Windows, which is another reason why new programmers should be able to pick it up easily without dealing with some of the more common issues that more advanced languages offer. Though that's not saying C# is basic, C# is very structured and orgnizaed unlike many languages and is itself a very powerful language designed by Microsoft.

Anything else I should know?

Learning will take place on Discord Go Live sessions, classes will be managed through external software along with course material and sample code.

You probably want a Windows machine. Running Windows 10 Fall Update with at least 32 gigabytes of disc space free, and at least 4GB of ram. You would simply have a hard time learning otherwise. You also probably want somewhat of a decent internet connection for downloading the tools required and keeping up with the live-sessions as well.

You can study using a Mac or Linux machine, just that it would be harder for you to keep up with course material, unless you know what you're doing.

Quantum computers are fine....

If you didn't get in but still really want to learn, contact me bin#0160 on Discord. I'll make room for you, but I can't gurantee I'll be able to change schedules, do 1:1 sessions, or prepare custom material for you, unlike everyone else.

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